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Cool website design,
brings your ideas to life

HTML/CSS development

For static, beautiful websites we use HTML/CSS/JS - fast and furious!

Professional Design

We are making professionally look, present-day modern websites.

Ruby On Rails

We are making more complex, database needed websites with the modern framework Ruby On Rails.

Help & Supports

We are always ready to respond, just write us something and we will answer as soon as possible :)

Bra'Tac - that's us! We are responsive website builders. Our websites are up to date and have cool desktop and mobile design. We work with modern languages and we will bring your web ideas into your new website by us. You like us? All you need is to write something in our Contact form and we will respond as soon as possible :)


Check out our works below to see our design and way of development


Complex news website with different pages with tages, admin page for easy input, having more than 200 news . Linked with Google Adsense, and having more than 8.5k sessions (info by Google Analytics.) Developed with Ruby On Rails and using database PostgreSQL.

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Stargate SG-FAN

A static website for a sci-fi tv show. The website shows elegance and flexibility and at the same time is nice-lookin'. Having 3 pages - one for introducing the show, one for all parts and one more for a gallery. Developed with HTML 5, CSS 3 and Javascipt.

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website v.2

Good-Looking modern website, having pretty animations. Our second "back-up" portfolio, introducing who we are, what we are building and our products. Precise and lasting built with HTML 5, CSS 3 and Javascipt by

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